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Lot Traceability & Audit Support
  • Pull complete traceability information on a single screen to support recalls and audits
  • Record traceability and audit-relevant information throughout procurement, manufacturing and sales
  • View complete material history by location, events and dates
  • Create and send purchase orders to suppliers electronically
  • Receive materials and record audit-relevant information and batch numbers
  • Expedite material returns to vendors
Production & Records
  • Standardize Bills of Material(BOMs) and Recipes for products and intermediates
  • Create work orders to schedule and execute production
  • Record actual quantities and batch numbers of products manufactured and ingredients used
  • Manufacture custom products
  • Fulfill orders for private label products
  • Create sales orders or upload them from accounting software
  • Deliver orders and record traceability information
  • Substitute materials based on availability
  • Generate invoices based on actual deliveries
  • Expedite customer returns
Multi-Site Inventory Management
  • Control inventory at plants and storage locations by status and batch numbers
  • View real-time inventory situation
  • Get low inventory alerts before encountering stockouts
  • Count and adjust physical inventory
  • Account for inventory shrinkage
  • Transfer inventory between locations
  • Create forecast of future material demand
  • Project inventory balance based on supply and demand
  • Create work orders and purchase orders automatically
Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
Analytics & Reports
  • Answer auditors' and customers' questions quickly
  • Make effective business decisions using current data
  • Leverage interactive reports on Traceablity, Inventory, Supply and Demand Balance, Production and Material History

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